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Handling of personal information

On this page you find information about how we handle personal information and about what cookies are used on It is important that using this site feels safe and that users understand how we handle personal information.

Skyfora Ltd adhere to the information security requirements of the European Union general data protection regulation and to the Finnish legislation. The company ensures appropriate technical and organizational measures in its activities to minimize the risks involved in handling personal information. We collect information responsibly and by prioritizing the integrity of the website users. We strive for a high level of information security when we handle personal information.

We collect information only for specific and separately mentioned purposes.

Legal grounds for handling information

Skyfora Ltd collect and handle certain personal information to develop products and services, produce products and services, inform about products and services, and to offer products and services to our users. For these reasons we can’t avoid collecting information. However, we strive to collect information only when its necessary and to provide our users largest possible control to manage collected information.

What information do we collect?

We collect and handle personal information that users provide either directly or indirectly with the purpose to provide information and/or services that are of interest to the user. For example, if the user fills a contact form or replies to a customer satisfaction survey, buys our services, is in direct contact with us or visits our website, reports and error or is in contact with us for some other reason, subscribes to a newsletter or other updates, registers or supplies personal information through social media or if the person applies for a job, internship or some other equivalent. We also collect information if it is justified for some other reasons to improve the relationship with our customers, website visitors or other stakeholders.

Collected information is also used for statistical reasons to improve the usability and functionality of our website and to offer a better user experience. In such cases we only use limited information, combined information or such information that is not connectable to personal information. Such information that is not connectable to personal information can be used to develop and maintain other systems that are linked to the website.

We maintain the information as long it is beneficial or required by the law.


Sharing personal information

Skyfora might share personal information that is collected on the website with other companies that handle personal information on our behalf, for instance with suppliers of IT services or with companies, that help with marketing, analytics or with statistics. If personal information is transferred to other countries (inside or outside the EU/EEA region), Skyfora ensures, that data transfer takes places according to prevailing legislation and in a secure way.

It is also possible that personal information is shared with third parties, for instance with the police or with other public authorities, if it concerns criminal investigations or if we are obliged to share such personal information according to law or other decisions by authorities.

Skyfora does not share personal information for any other reason that what is explained above.

User rights

A website user has the right to demand access to information collected about the specific user, to correct wrong information, demand to stop collecting information and to remove collected information, limit the use of collected information, withdraw previously provided permission to collect information and to object to the use of personal information. In such situations we ask the user to be in contact through the below mentioned contact details.

Contact details

Skyfora is responsible for personal information provided on or collected from the website. If a user has questions about the use of personal information, the best way for contact is:

By e-mail to the address or by traditional mail to the address Skyfora Oy, Responsible of personal information, Itälahdenkatu 22A, 00210 Helsinki, Finland.

Changes to the handling of personal information

The information provided herein is subject to change. Updated information is available on the Skyfora website.

The provided information is updated on September 14th, 2021.