Tropical Storm Tracker is an AI-based monitoring, forecasting and historical catalogue tool.

Tropical Storm Nowcast

Skyfora’s Tropical Storm Nowcast provides real-time information about tropical cyclone wind speed and position identifying rapid intensification and sudden change in  direction faster – as it happens. The 0-120h landfall parameter forecast with probability estimates can be used as such or together with catastrophe models. The SaaS service is easily tested and taken into use as the service is provided via a web application on main browsers.


  • Real-time updates of tropical cyclone status
  • Identifying rapid intensification and changed direction as it happens
  • 0-120h landfall parameter forecast
  • Global solution for hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones
  • Web UI, API or direct data download

Tropical Storm Seasonal Forecast

Skyfora Tropical Storm Seasonal Forecasts provide users with unique insight into the upcoming and the remaining of an on-going tropical cyclone season.  By using latest machine learning techniques, the probability distributions of each possible outcome based on automatically extracted atmospheric predictors is modeled. Extensive validation experiments show undisputable skill and improve the reliability in seasonal forecasting.

  • Probabilistic estimates of tropical cyclone genesis and strength with regional landfall distributions
  • Season and mid-season reports published from March to September and according to customer needs
  • Transparent reports include analysis and proof of skill to improve reliability in seasonal forecasting