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Leading the way in modern Weather Intelligence

Skyfora provides highly precise weather forecasts powered by exclusive data derived from patented instruments and cutting-edge observation methods. Our solutions enhance operational efficiency for industries and governments in weather-sensitive regions.

Climate change makes weather more extreme and less predictable. The need to measure, predict, and adapt to extreme weather has become increasingly urgent worldwide.

Our unique solution, which combines unique data with state-of-the-art technologies, provides unprecedented weather information accuracy.

This enables better preparedness, improved decision-making, and reduced risks for businesses and human lives.

Skyfora develops high-tech weather intelligence solutions, including more accurate and actionable weather forecasts, unique weather data gathering methods and the world’s lightest weather sondes.

Our expertise in atmospheric science, AI, machine learning and weather instrument engineering enables us to increase the amount of weather and climate change observations and turn that data into better forecasts and risk data.

Our solutions are backed by academic research, and we have won prestigious innovation competitions. With several patented technologies, we are making leaps in atmospheric data gathering and improved weather forecasting, all to help industries facing the challenges of climate change and extreme weather.

Our team consists of experts in weather instrument engineering, atmospheric science, machine learning and international sales.

our mission
“We improve weather observations and provide actionable weather insight helping industries and developing countries adapt to the consequences of climate change.”

Our values

Optimized weather forecast

Deep learning technology using vast amounts of atmospheric observations and industry-specific data for increased efficiency, better prediction and operational resilience.

Accuracy & Reliability

We believe in the importance of delivering the most accurate and reliable weather data and forecasts to help our customers make informed decisions.


We believe that our work has the power to make a positive impact on society and the environment, and we are dedicated to using our technology for good.


We work closely with our customers, partners, and stakeholders to create top-notch, secure solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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Our story

2023 –

The work to expand weather data observations at large scale and delivering AI weather forecasts for weather-affected industries continues.

Our team has a strong GNSS background and realized that weather data retrieved from the GNSS signal delay can be used on a much wider scale than what is done today. This has led to us expanding our work to GNSS Meteorology insights.

In September 2023, NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircrafts used Skyfora’s StreamSonde DS for the first time in hurricane Nigel. The 8 parallel soundings and wind details gaines strong interests within the community.
In October 2023 Skyfora was selected as one of ten finalists for the EY Entrepreneur of the year 2023 Award.


StreamSonde is developed. Skyfora Hurricane Seasonal Forecast is launched.

Based on promising feedback from tropical cyclone researchers, we proceed to develop the StreamSonde dropsonde version into a radiosonde to cater to a larger and more global audience.

At the same time, the Skyfora Tropical Cyclone Nowcast led to the creation of our second AI product, Skyfora Hurricane Seasonal Forecast, which proved significant skill in predicting upcoming hurricane seasons with probability distribution. This proved to be successful and gained significant interest among insurance companies, as the skill and competence were evident.


Skyfora’s first product, Skyfora Tropical Cyclone Nowcast is released.

Skyfora originated from climate and weather research on different weather phenomena.

In 2017, we realized that artificial intelligence would have an enormous impact on how weather data is used and how weather forecasts are made. The company’s original focus on tropical cyclones led to the first AI product, the Skyfora Tropical Cyclone Nowcast.

As the existing instruments didn’t provide sufficiently detailed measurement data, we decided to develop the StreamSonde DS dropsonde to gain more information about wind turbulence. The instrument gained large attention within tropical cyclone researchers and forecasters, being developed explicitly with their needs in mind.


GPS-based radiosondes are developed.

Skyfora’s engineers and scientists comprise pioneers from many generations, having their fingerprints on the first GPSs in weather balloons in the 1990s to the most modern tools from neural networks and generative AI in the 2020s.

Our CTO developed the world’s first GPS-based radiosondes in the 1990’s revolutionizing radiosondes and dropsondes industries at the time.


Lewis Fry Richardson published the first attempt at forecasting the weather numerically.

Did you know that numerical weather predictions, which usually run on supercomputers, had their 100-year anniversary in 2022?

Skyfora, with great respect for traditions and accumulated knowledge, is revolutionizing both forecasting and measurement technology through novel thinking and using the best available tools today.

Meet our team

Meet our team of experts in weather instrument engineering, atmospheric science, machine learning and international sales.