Weather intelligence solutions for your industry

Optimize efficiency, improve predictions and boost operational resilience with Skyfora’s exclusive weather data and cutting-edge forecasts tailored to meet the distinct requirements of your industrial or governmental operations. Skyfora’s forecasts provides insight when it matters most.

Wind Energy

Optimize production forecasts and maintenance planning, reduce downtimes, and gain strategic insights for energy trading. Elevate operational efficiency and increase profitability with Skyfora’s deep learning-driven solution.

Solar Energy

Maximize energy production and minimize supply fluctuations caused by sudden weather changes with AI-enhanced weather and solar forecasts. Harness advanced technology for insightful operations.

Weather Services and Research

Improve weather forecasting, scientific research, and environmental understanding with cutting-edge weather instruments.


Make better-informed decisions when anticipating and mitigating losses caused by ever-changing extreme weather events.

District heating

Optimize energy production, supply and distribution. Reduce operational costs, and minimize environmental impact by aligning operations with weather patterns.

Marine & Aviation

Improve route, schedule and operations planning and reduce the risk of accidents and delays by anticipating challenging weather conditions with accurate predictions.


Provide timely, relevant, and engaging content to audiences by precise forecasts and weather insights.

Telecom networks

Generate massive amount of weather data using existing telecom.