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Offer timely, compelling content, enhanced by striking visuals and spot-on weather forecasts.

With Skyfora’s advanced weather forecasting

More timely weather forecasts

Stunning visuals
Improved audience engagement

Keep audiences safe and informed

Weather holds immense importance for the media, serving as a critical information source for local, regional and global audiences.

Accurate weather reporting informs daily plans, travel decisions, and safety measures.

Media outlets rely on precise forecasts to deliver real-time updates, emergency alerts, and engaging content that keeps viewers informed and engaged.

Our products

Skyfora improves weather observations and provides unique weather data and state-of-the-art weather forecasts that are optimized for industrial and regional needs.

Optimized weather forecast

Deep learning technology using vast amounts of atmospheric observations and industry-specific data for increased efficiency, better prediction and operational resilience.

The lightest weather sondes in the world

The most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to obtain superior atmospheric data for improved forecasting and research purposes.

Weather data at a scale

1000x more observation data solves the problem of scarce atmospheric measurement data and boost forecast accuracy.

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