Solar Energy

Advanced solar forecasts for efficient energy production and trading

Maximize energy production and minimize supply fluctuations caused by sudden weather changes with AI-enhanced weather and solar forecasts. Harness advanced technology for insightful operations.

With Skyfora’s advanced weather forecasting

Improve solar irradiance prediction

Anticipate cloud cover

Improved actionable insight

Boost photovoltaic energy production

AI-enhanced weather and solar forecasts enable photovoltaic (PV) system operators to better anticipate changes in cloud cover and sunlight intensity. By combining improved forecasts with satellite earth observation data and production data, operators can estimate upcoming production and adjust system settings in real-time.

Our products

Skyfora improves weather observations and provides unique weather data and state-of-the-art weather forecasts that are optimized for industrial and regional needs.

Optimized weather forecast

Deep learning technology using vast amounts of atmospheric observations and industry-specific data for increased efficiency, better prediction and operational resilience.

The lightest weather sondes in the world

The most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to obtain superior atmospheric data for improved forecasting and research purposes.

Weather data at a scale

1000x more observation data solves the problem of scarce atmospheric measurement data and boost forecast accuracy.

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