Critical weather insights for better-informed decisions and risk strategies

Make better-informed decisions and anticipate and mitigate losses caused by ever-changing extreme weather events.

With Skyfora’s advanced weather forecasting

Better risk assessment
Minimized losses
Optimized pricing decisions
Enhanced customer service

Extreme weather challenges insurance operations

Weather plays a critical role in the insurance industry, influencing risk assessment, underwriting, and claims management. Accurate weather data enables insurers to anticipate and mitigate losses caused by extreme weather events such as storms, floods, hail, and wildfires, which are changing due to climate change.

Optimize risk strategies and enhance capabilities

Improved weather forecasts enable insurers as well as other industry operators, to adapt coverage, pricing, and risk strategies to meet the needs of companies and clients in a world affected by climate change.

With better weather forecasts, insurance companies make more informed decisions improving their operations.

Skyfora Tropical Cyclone Nowcast

Skyfora Tropical Cyclone Nowcast provides real-time information of tropical cyclones wind speeds globally identifying crucial information of rapid intensification as it happens.

Skyfora Hurricane Seasonal Forecast

Skyfora Hurricane Seasonal Forecast provides preseason details of expected storm categories and events like e.g. category 3 or bigger landfalls on the Golf of Mexico US coastline. The solution provides probability distributions with smallest mean average errors available.

Our products

Skyfora improves weather observations and provides unique weather data and state-of-the-art weather forecasts that are optimized for industrial and regional needs.

Optimized weather forecast

Deep learning technology using vast amounts of atmospheric observations and industry-specific data for increased efficiency, better prediction and operational resilience.

The lightest weather sondes in the world

The most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to obtain superior atmospheric data for improved forecasting and research purposes.

Weather data at a scale

1000x more observation data solves the problem of scarce atmospheric measurement data and boost forecast accuracy.

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