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Accurate insights for staying ahead of extreme weather

Improve route, schedule and operations planning and reduce the risk of accidents and delays by anticipating challenging weather conditions with accurate predictions.

With Skyfora’s advanced weather forecasting

Enhanced safety

Optimized operations and reduce costs

Reduced emissions
Improved customer experience

Enhanced operations and improved safety

Enhanced weather forecasts enable marine and aviation companies to proactively anticipate and mitigate adverse weather conditions, including gusts, windstorms, intense precipitation, and blizzards, with higher accuracy than ever before. This proactive approach facilitates strategic refinement of route planning, timetables, and logistical maneuvers, which significantly reduces the probability of accidents and operational issues.

Better planning for transportation

With accurate weather information, marine, aviation and transport companies can plan more fuel-efficient routes. By avoiding adverse weather conditions, such as strong headwinds, heavy precipitation, or storms that could increase fuel consumption, companies can lower their fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Accurate weather forecasts also ensure compliance with weather-related regulations and contribute to safer operations in transport sectors like aviation and maritime.


Our products

Skyfora improves weather observations and provides unique weather data and state-of-the-art weather forecasts that are optimized for industrial and regional needs.

Optimized weather forecast

Deep learning technology using vast amounts of atmospheric observations and industry-specific data for increased efficiency, better prediction and operational resilience.

The lightest weather sondes in the world

The most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to obtain superior atmospheric data for improved forecasting and research purposes.

Weather data at a scale

1000x more observation data solves the problem of scarce atmospheric measurement data and boost forecast accuracy.

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