Skyfora Redefines Atmospheric Data Collection with World´s First Dual-Frequency Radiosonde at Meteorological Technology World Exhibition

Oct 3, 2023

Geneva, Switzerland. October 3, 2023.

Today at the Meteorological Technology World Exhibition, Skyfora presents its groundbreaking innovation—the StreamSonde RS using a previously unseen technical solution. The StreamSonde RS stands as the world’s inaugural dual-frequency L1/L5 radiosonde. It is designed by Kim Kaisti, the same person behind the world’s first GPS-based radiosonde in the 1990s.

This cutting-edge device utilizes two frequencies of GPS, Galileo, and Beidou constellations, setting new standards in atmospheric data and wind accuracy. With on-board 3D motion sensors, the StreamSonde offers unparalleled precision in measuring wind and turbulence, especially enhancing our understanding of convective weather patterns.

Kim Kaisti expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The StreamSonde RS meets industry requirements and opens doors for groundbreaking research insights. I am eager to witness the transformative impact this instrument will have on advancing meteorological understanding.”

Skyfora’s StreamSonde RS goes beyond conventional measurements, integrating 3D motion sensors, ambient light sensors, and air quality sensors for a comprehensive environmental profile. Its ultralight design reduces operational costs by requiring less helium or hydrogen, and it reduces the amount of environmental waste if not recuperated, recharged & reused, aligning with sustainability goals in upper-air measurements.

As Skyfora reshapes the landscape of atmospheric data collection, the StreamSonde emerges as a revolutionary tool in meteorological research and forecasting.

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About Skyfora

Skyfora is at the forefront of weather intelligence, based in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s drive for innovation pairs with its dedication to advanced meteorological research. Skyfora proudly leverages AI in improved weather forecasts optimized for industries impacted by meteorological events and develops state-of-the-art weather instruments.

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