Skyfora Unveils StreamSense sensor boom for UASs at the American Meteorological Society Annual General Meeting

Jan 30, 2024

Baltimore, US – January 30, 2024 – Skyfora, a pioneer in weather technology, proudly announces the launch of the Skyfora StreamSense sensor boom for UASs. The unveiling took place at the American Meteorological Society Annual General Meeting in Baltimore on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

The StreamSense sensor boom is optimized for easy integration into unmanned aerial systems (UASs) like drones, quadcopters, fixed wing aircrafts, drifting balloons as well as for ground-based weather stations. The StreamSense, offering radiosonde-qualified temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors, introduces a new era in atmospheric data collection. Complementing core P, T, U sensor data, the StreamSense integrates additional RGB/IR, UV-B, and O3/NOx sensors, providing additional environmental insights.

The key highlights of Skyfora StreamSense are its compatibility with existing sensor booms, simplifying integration into existing designs as well as the complementary sensors.

“We are thrilled to introduce the StreamSense sensor boom, a versatile and powerful tool for precise environmental data collection using UASs,” said Kim Kaisti, CTO at Skyfora. “The pressure, temperature and humidity sensors qualified for radiosonde use, combined with a suite of complementary sensors, positions the StreamSense as a game-changer in atmospheric sensing technology.”

PhD. Jack Elston, CEO and Founder of Black Swift Technologies, a prominent early user of Skyfora StreamSense, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “Black Swift Technologies is proud to be one of the early adopters of Skyfora’s groundbreaking StreamSense sensor boom. The integration of StreamSense into our existing systems is straightforward and the cost-efficient solution provides The Black Swift S0 UAS with enhanced capabilities that are boosted by Skyfora’s outstanding support. We are eager to witness the new benefits that Skyfora’s cutting-edge technology advancements will bring. Our collaboration with Skyfora has been highly positive, reflecting the commitment of both companies to pushing the boundaries of innovation in environmental sensing.”

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern meteorological research and environmental monitoring, the StreamSense ensures accurate measurements for a wide range of atmospheric conditions. Its deployment promises enhanced capabilities for researchers, meteorologists, and industries relying on precise weather data.

Key features:
  • Skyfora StreamSense sensor boomTemperature, pressure, and humidity sensors qualifiedfor radiosonde use.
  • Complementary RGB/IR, UV-B, and O3/NOx sensors for comprehensive environmental monitoring.
  • Compatibility with existing sensor booms, facilitating seamless integration into various existing as well as new platforms.
  • Designed for UAS, drones, gliders, and fixed weather stations.

For more information about the StreamSense sensor boom, please visit or contact fredrik.borgstrom [at]


About Skyfora

Skyfora is at the forefront of weather intelligence, based in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s drive for innovation pairs with its dedication to advanced meteorological research. Skyfora proudly leverages AI in improved weather forecasts optimized for industries impacted by meteorological events and develops state-of-the-art weather instruments.

Press contact:
Marja Mattila
Head of Finance and Projects
marja.mattila (at)
+358 40 744 0067 

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