Skyfora wins Tech Innovator competition

Jun 26, 2024

Skyfora was announced the winner of the KPMG Tech Innovator Finland 2024 competition bringing technological breakthroughs to the world´s attention.  

On 13th of June, Skyfora’s CTO Kim Kaisti presented the revolutionary Skyfora Telecom GNSS Meteorology technology to the distinguished members of the jury of the KPMG Tech Innovator competition. This innovation optimizes existing telecom base stations, transforming them into a vast network of 3D weather scanners that provide a continuous flow of sensor-grade weather data

GNSS Meteorology was selected as the winner among the 6 selected finalists and will represent Finnish technological breakthroughs in the global final in Lisbon in November. 

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About Skyfora

Skyfora is at the forefront of weather intelligence, based in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s drive for innovation pairs with its dedication to advanced meteorological research. Skyfora proudly leverages AI in improved weather forecasts optimized for industries impacted by meteorological events and develops state-of-the-art weather instruments.

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