Skyfora Unleashes Climate Innovation

Jan 15, 2024

Transforming Mobile Telecom Base Stations into 3D Weather Scanners, Empowering AI Weather Solutions with 1000x More Data.

[Davos, January 15, 2024] – Skyfora, a pioneer in weather technology, announces a ground-breaking innovation set to redefine weather forecasting. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Skyfora unveils its latest advancement: Skyfora Telecom GNSS Meteorology. The company’s innovation transforms telecom base stations into a network of 3D weather scanners by utilizing existing infrastructure. The proven and validated technology extracts water vapor and other weather data in a continuous flow from atmospheric GPS signal delays (and other GNSS systems such as the European Galileo). As a result, Skyfora provides an unparalleled 1000x increase in weather data and a complete 3D tomographic view of areas covered by the telecom network, empowering AI-based weather forecast solutions with unprecedented accuracy and predictive capabilities. This sets a new standard for weather forecasts’ accuracy, precision, and usability.

Key points

Skyfora Telecom GNSS Meteorology:

Developed and patented by Skyfora, this revolutionary technology optimizes existing telecom base stations, turning them into a vast network of 3D weather scanners, providing a continuous flow of sensor-grade weather data. Skyfora Telecom GNSS Meteorology R&D is supported by European Innovation Council EIC.

Massive Scale Data Collection:

Skyfora Telecom GNSS Meteorology enables the collection of weather data on an unprecedented scale. On top of 900 weather balloon stations and 10,000 ground-based weather stations globally, there are roughly 8 million telecom base stations, which can now provide a continuous flow of sensor-grade data with 3D coverage used to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts.

Empowering AI Weather Solutions:

The innovation is a game-changer for AI weather solutions, which can digest enormous amounts of data. It provides them with an extraordinary 1000x more data than ever before, enhancing predictive capabilities and delivering unparalleled accuracy in weather forecasting.

Global Positive Impact on Climate Change Challenges:

The advanced weather data produced by Skyfora Telecom GNSS Meteorology brings about a significant and positive transformation in all regions grappling with the impacts of climate change. The upgraded weather forecasts enhance preparedness for many climate-related challenges on a global scale, including heightened storm activity, increased flood risks, more intense heat waves, prolonged droughts, and shifts in precipitation patterns. A 24-hour warning of an upcoming storm or heat wave can cut the ensuing damage by 30%, saving $3 to $16 billion annually (source: United Nations). Improved weather forecasts have a significant impact on the operational efficiency of weather-affected industries, such as wind and solar farms, insurance, agriculture, marine and aviation.


Professor Petteri Taalas, Director-General of the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization 2016-2023, welcomes the new solution:

“Skyfora’s approach holds a potential for a positive global impact. Successful implementation of their plans could enhance developing countries’ preparedness against the consequences of climate change. The intersection of climate science and innovation presented by Skyfora is very interesting and may have a positive global impact.”

Fredrik Borgström, CEO of Skyfora, says:
“We are taking a giant leap in advancing weather technology with the unveiling of Skyfora Telecom GNSS Meteorology. This innovation represents a milestone in our commitment to global sustainability and resilience. More accurate weather forecasts are critical in addressing the challenges posed by climate change, and Skyfora is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.
Building on its innovative strides, Skyfora has successfully, and with encouraging results yielding highly promising data, completed initial Telecom GNSS Meteorology trials that pave the way for expanded applications and collaborations. In the coming weeks, Skyfora will initiate discussions with a broader spectrum of stakeholders like telco manufacturers, operators, cloud service providers, and companies developing global AI weather forecasts, aiming to leverage these insights for further
advancements in weather technology.”

About Skyfora

Skyfora is at the forefront of weather intelligence, based in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s drive for innovation pairs with its dedication to advanced meteorological research. Skyfora proudly leverages AI in improved weather forecasts optimized for industries impacted by meteorological events and develops state-of-the-art weather instruments.

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