Hurricane hunters use Finnish Skyfora’s technology while chasing Hurricane Nigel

Sep 21, 2023

Helsinki, Finland. September 20, 2023.

 US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration´s Hurricane Hunters are chasing Hurricane Nigel in Atlantic Ocean to collect data and increase understanding of these extreme weather phenomena. For the first time, they are now using Finnish weather intelligence company Skyfora´s state-of-the-art StreamSonde DS instruments .

The United States has a long tradition of studying hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions. NOAA’s Hurricane Hunters fly airplanes into the eye of a hurricane to collect weather data for hurricane research and forecasting. Hurricane Hunters drop data-gathering StreamSondes from an airplane into the hurricane, and receive measurement data from them: e.g., air pressure, temperatures, humidity, and high-precision wind speed and turbulence.

StreamSonde DS instruments supplied by Skyfora differ from other products on the market. Thanks to their ultra-light structure, Skyfora’s sondes travel longer with the winds and thus, enable up to four times longer measurement time in the heart of the storm. A longer measurement time directly increases the amount of collected data. Joseph J. Cione, Lead Meteorologist, Emerging Technologies at NOAA Hurricane Research Division, commented, “Skyfora’s advanced instrument promises significant and improved hurricane data. We look forward to the results of this collaboration.”

Kim Kaisti, CTO of Skyfora and the designer of the world’s first GPS-based radiosonde and dropsonde weather instruments, said, “Deploying the new StreamSonde in a live storm is a result of years of collaboration with the NOAA Hurricane Research Division and a new partnership with hurricane field reconnaissance researchers at the University of Florida. Our technology is bringing together industry, government, and academia to solve a hard problem: improving monitoring of storm intensity while simultaneously reducing the cost to collect these data” Kim is also joining the Hurricane Hunters this week in the actual flights.

Prior to this historical deployment, Skyfora and NOAA have rigorously tested the StreamSonde DS, spotlighting its potential to significantly enhance hurricane forecasting and research. Among a global wave of academic and research interest, American elite institutions like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Oklahoma State University, Saint Louis University, and University of North Dakota are leading the charge, diving deep into the groundbreaking capabilities of Skyfora’s StreamSonde.

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